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Jan 1: New Year's Day

National Holidays
Apr 23: National Sovereignty and Children's Day (Anniversary of the establishment of Turkish Grand National Assembly)
May 19: Ataturk Commemoration and Youth & Sports Day (Arrival of Ataturk in Samsun, and the beginning of the War of Independence.)
Aug 30: Victory Day (Victory over invading forces in 1922)
Oct 29: Republic Day (Anniversary of the declaration of the Turkish Republic)

Religious Holidays
Seker Bayrami: Three-day festival to celebrate the end of the fasting month; Ramadan.
Kurban Bayrami: Four-day festival when sacrificial sheep are slaughtered and their meat distributed to the poor.

(The dates of these religious festivals change because of the difference between the Muslim lunar calendar and solar calendar.)

Fairs, Festivals & Events

Camel Wrestling Festival-Selcuk

Ankara International Film Festival-Ankara
1915 Sea Victory Celebration-Canakkale

Istanbul International Film Festival-Istanbul
International Children's Day-Ankara (April 23)
Tourism Fair-Gaziantep

Selcuk Efes Culture & Art Festival - Izmir (May 1-8)
Tulip Festival-Istanbul
Javelin Games-Erzurum
Ankara International Arts Festival

International Nysa Culture and Arts Festival-Sultanhisar
Efes International Festival of Culture and Tourism-Selcuk
Yunus Emre Culture and Art Week-Eskisehir
Aksu Culture and Art Festival-Giresun
International Music and Folklore Festival-Silifke
International Yatching Festival-Marmaris
International Kilim Festival, Usak-Esme
Kakava Festivities-Kirklareli

International Asia-Europe Biennial-Ankara

Rug and Rose Festival-Isparta (June 1-7)
Pamukkale Festival (June 3-5)
Amasya Ataturk Cultured Art Ceremony-Amasya (June 12-19)
Wooden Horse Children's Festival - Canakkale
Traditional Mesir Ceremonies - Aksehir (June 20-23)
Kirkpinar Wrestling - Edirne (2nd week of June)
Bartin Strawberry Festival-Bartin
International Tea Festival-Rize
International Offshore Races Istanbul-Izmir
Foca Music, Folklore and Watersports Festival-Foca
Marmaris Festival-Marmaris
Bergama Festival-Bergama
Kafkasor Culture and Art Festival-Artvin
International Kus Cenneti Culture and Tourism Festival-Bandirma
Cesme Sea and Music Festival-Cesme
International Pamukkale Song Competition
International Kahta Komagene Festival
International Volleyball Beach Tournament-Alanya
Finike Festival
International Wine Competition-Urgup
Tekirdag Cherry Festival

International Izmir Festival
International Bursa Festival
Istanbul International Art and Culture Festival-Istanbul
Traditional Kirkpinar Wrestling-Edirne
International Music Festival-Istanbul
Ihlara Tourism and Art Week-Aksaray

Hodja Nasreddin Ceremonies - Aksehir (July 5-10)
Hadji Bektashi Veli Ceremonies - Hacibektas (July 13-18)
Apricot Festival (July 20-22)
International Erzurum Congress-Erzurum
Tourism and Culture Festival-Iskenderun
International Folk Dance Festival-Samsun
Ceramic Festival-Kutahya
Hittite Festival-Corum
Manavgat Tourism Festival
Kusadasi Tourism Festival
Carpet and Rose Festival-Isparta
Egridir Lake Festival
Nevsehir Festival
Devrek Baston and Culture Festival
Avanos International Handcrafts and Pottery Exhibit

Troy Festival-Canakkale
Insuyu Festival-Burdur
Haci Bektas Veli Commemoration Ceremony-Sogut
Mengen Chefs Festival-Bolu
Pine Grove Ayder Mt. and Archery Festivities - Rize

Golden Apple, Silver & Bronze - Isparta (September 2-7) Golden Nut Ceremonies - Ordu (September 22-24)
Izmir International Fair-Izmir
Ertugurul Gazi Commemoration Ceremony-Sogut
Seyh Edibali'i Commemoration and Culture Festival-Bilecik
GAP Culture and art Festival-Gaziantep
Javelin Games-Konya
Kemer Carnival
International Meerschaum (White Gold) Festival-Eskisehir
Safranbolu Architectural Treasures and Folklore Week-Safranbolu
Sivas Congress Culture and Art Week-Sivas
International Grape Harvest Festival-Urgup
International Fair-Mersin
Yagci Bedir Carpet Festival-Sindirgi, Balikesir
Culture and Art Festival-Diyarbakir
Assos International Art Festival
Adana Altin Koza Film Festival

Eskisehir International Festival
Golden Pistachio Festival-Gaziantep
International Plastic Arts Festival
International Akdeniz Song Contest-Akdeniz
Mersin art and Culture Festival

Golden Orange Festival - Antalya (October 13)
Ahi Brotherhood Cultural Week
International Bodrum Cup
International Gullet Biennial-Bozburun
International Triathlon Competition-Alanya
International Ataturk Dam Sailing Competition-Alanya

International Yacht Race-Marmaris

Santa Clause Festival - Kas/Demre (December 24)
Pine Nut Festival - Gaziantep (December 25)
Mevlana Commemoration Ceremony-Konya

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